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Happy Holidays to all do enjoy the wonderful festivities, family time but always keep in your heart that Christmas is about the CHRIST and the purpose in which He came for us all so live from today onward in God’s love!

In the past month due to some current yet important personal committments some adjustments as well as some tweakings here & there have been & are being made concerning the collaboration project with Da’ Philocypha in joint venture under EmpowermediA productions with Todd Marshall & few guest producers/artist alike who contributed to this body of work. We are making preparations to ensure that supporters present & future will have something from this collective in 2018 with quality offerings sonic-wise for your ears & hearts to feed also we are getting into some media placements but will indulge into that more in 2018. On the solo tip with Barz Noble getting back on my grounding I will be heading back in the studio in the early 2018 to put some finishing touches on my follow-up to the “Symphonic Signatures.” In addition checkout the pic of my award for Best Rap/Hip-Hop Music Video recently sent from the Akademia media group in Los Angeles of  the single “Rainset” directed by Regal Shine Filmz (Bahamas) from my upcoming sophomore project. I’m both honoured & appreciative of the recognition overseas ‘in the not what some may expect markets’ & locally to some extent despite some naysayers I thank God for them also! Until next year God willing STAY TUNED


Akademia Award Rainset (Video)



Last month October has truly been a productive time from behind the scenes  both collaborative & solo projects upcoming in the months ahead. On the solo tip I’m glad to share that yet another single “JUST BE THERE” that was produced by the homie Zoltan Johnson this time from my freshman release “Symphonic Signatures” LP was confirmed a few days ago securing a licensing placement with a global digital music corporation overseas another avenue I’m grateful on the business end for my music to get exposure to a another market streaming wise. My sophomore LP which will consist of 12 tracks is coming together surely a bulk of the recordings are DONE!! will keep you posted on the particulars relating to this next solo project in the not too distant future as some changes direction-wise have been made. Its truly been a privilege & enjoyable experience creatively to work alongside my brethren Philocypha & Todd Marshall on our official collaboration album under the EmpowermediA imprint checkout the latest single “Beatin’Up Ya Gums” featuring Solo 2Da Google  Until next month STAY TUNED!



Life is truly amazing even though fill with its challenges take the time to celebrate the victories whether big or small in whatever given platform or opportunity you have been blessed with. In continuing on that positive note the update on the official collaboration LP feat. Philocypha , Barz Noble & producer extraordinaire Todd Marshall of EmpowermediA imprint/team continuing to complete recordings with other talented creatives/artist alike whom you will get to know even more upon this project’s release that have added indeed to the overall vision sonic-wise that we were looking for & even more in which a cross-section of listeners will truly appreciate something for everyone!

On the solo tip on Barz Noble I’m also excited to share of  conformation that two of my singles from my upcoming sophomore LP that will be pushed back for a 2018 release instead, the mentioned “CALL OF DUTY” & “RAINSET”  produced by Hashaun Adderley respectively have gotten recent placements on a few more licensing opportunities overseas with other pending details in the works.  Until next month with more updates STAY TUNED!

Emp.Hands Up 1



The feeling of gratitude & being “THANKFUL” for life can never be understated or enough words could be expressed as I type on this POST-IRMA period in this month of  Mid-September 2017. God has truly graced us in the 242 with His divine protection/mercy in that no lives where lost but with that in mind shifting our focus as a nation on helping our brothers/sisters both the Caribbean,the USA & a few of our own islands in the Bahamas that were more severely effected there’s a lot to do but the work has already started being our brothers/sisters keeper in the weeks ahead & beyond.

In that same attitude with the music news update the official joint 21/7 album under the sonic direction of EmpowerMedia Music feat. Philocypha & yours truly Barz Noble is getting close to finish & in the coming months ourselves & the team behind this project will start to give related updates periodically building on that road to the joint project’s release as this collaboration will come prior before any new set of solo projects from us involved respectively until then STAY TUNED!




Thanking God for another year during my birthday month of August, grateful for life & the present & future opportunities which this music has allow me to network with such a talented & diverse pool of creatives particularly in the local scene. I will  keep you posted via my twitter tweets @barznoble of upcoming venues I will be scheduled at both under 21/7 group with EmpowerMedia: Philocypha & Barz Noble & also my solo commitments and engagements moving forward. The recording of the official collaborative 21/7 album with EmpowerMedia is continuously progressing  very well with some creative approaches birthed within the recording process of a cross-section of tracks that will resonate to the musical, social, and spiritual alike. The recordings for the 2nd Barz Noble project is now completed and with that said I will continue to further update in the months ahead on the progress of both of these collaborative & solo projects respectively leading up to their release so until then STAY TUNED!




HAPPY INDEPENDENCE MONTH EVERYONE!!  I’m glad to announce that the major bulk of the recording for my upcoming sophomore solo album the follow-up to “Symphonic Signatures” is complete the focus now is some minor tweaking to what I can sum up as a mature sounding project wise with lyrical content both creatively & intentionally to compliment & give listeners something they can both enjoy & get something from so more updates on that project in the coming months. Also music-wise  the official Philocypha & Barz Noble collaboration project under the direction of Todd Marshall/ EmpowerMedia productions promises to be a good one that will challenge, provoke thought,conversation & connect with others creatively that’s our humble intent checkout if not already the link:×7/  FREE  download of the mixtape  to give listeners something before the official collaboration project is released. Until next month for more updates STAY TUNED!





I write this within the theme that “NOTHING HAPPENS BEFORE ITS TIME” after months of waiting out but still continued to put in work I received notification recently with a contract that was signed & forwarded giving permission for national plays in the coming weeks for the videos “CALL OF DUTY” & “RAINSET” respectively directed by REGAL SHINE FILMZ via a local media conglomerate much props to J.Knowles from WFSFAM media for reaching out & helped through his parternship platform to make this deal happen. Meantime checkout in the coming months as I will provide more updates on the progress of my 2nd Barz Noble solo LP & the official joint 21/7 album with fellow emcee Philocypha facilitated under the sonic direction of  Todd Marshall/EmpowerMedia some quality creations for your listening ear are definitely on the way so STAY TUNED!