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Update: December 2019

Closing out the year with a new perspective  lookout for some cool stuff both musically and visually from Barz Noble in the early 2020 for the #LBTP album. I’m grateful for the good feedback/returns for the current project S.C.O.A.P.  from overseas on multiple digital platforms with more now in the planning and preparation mode gearing towards the upcomimg #LBTP project during this remaining month at the end of 2019. Short and sweet until next time be encouraged and may God Bless you as you move forward at the closing of this year 2019 into the New Year 20/20 . #itsawrap


God Bless!


Update:November 2019

Salute to everybody who keep pushing & working towards their dreams I know that none of us are perfect but kudos to the Ones who do it with INTEGRITY in spite of the present that may contradict such roles. Its not a good feeling  getting burned & blatantly disrespected from someone thought to be a friend but not honoring their commitment when I took care from my end on a trade for trade basis after being approached on it with no problem from my end. It also is not a good look at all to play fool & blatantly ignore the multiple reach outs after the fact so the actions do cancel out the words a No Show so CHEERS TO THAT VIDEO GUY!!

A lesson learned to not go low but go high & move on  DON’T BE BITTER BE BETTER this is only a DELAY  its just a matter of time its all about the principle .

Checkout the audio of the newest single “Fantasy” produced by Hashaun Adderley & Darien Francis from the I.T.W. family we cranked that joint out quickly had a blast! available NOW on multiple digital outlets from my upcoming L.B.T.P. album that will be released in 20/20 more good news in the completion of the project in the coming months.

Until next time with more updates stay focus & move forward & that some Disappointments are actually Appointments  appreciate the support. #Godbetheglory #keepitmovingregardless


Commercial use cover.jpg

Update: October 2019

The storm Dorian might of left its mark on Us especially our Brothers & Sisters in Abaco & Freeport but the Legacy of Love in Action through Community & outstretch support is priceless continue to PRAY but also ACT they go hand & hand.

The new Barz Noble project is 80 percent done in recording & mixing for a 20/20 release initialed “L.B.T.P.” in the 12 track opus the sound has broadened further in scope experimenting stylistically this go round with various producers & vocalists respectively that I got to record tracks with in the creative process including  knocking out  more new joints within the month for the project which I promise is even more mature sound in musicality in comparison to my past efforts with a different approach songwriting wise on the bulk of the compositions which you will get to hear in full capacity on the 20/20 release. Lastly I appreciate the online placements of a few tracks from off from the current Barz Noble project  “S.C.O.A.P” as it is still going strong but as you & fellow creatives alike know that there is a timeline for most things & supply got to meet once there is a demand not afraid to be in your OWN lane. Continue to LET THE LIGHT SHINE!

Until Next Time



Update: August 2019

Thanking God for another year in 2019 so far and on my birthday month cheers to the present & the future blessings God is always good.

To start things checkout the link of my feature on SORA MUSIC/ASIA  for the single “Time To Let Go” from my current LP “S.C.O.A.P ”

Barz Noble – Time to let go

Secondly I am currently in talks and negotiations with a licensing music group who reach out to me about a week ago to do a deal for the “For Us”  track  from the S.C.O.A.P. project for multiple media opportunities the particulars of that contract is still in the works more news to come when finalized:

Thirdly the 3rd Barz Noble solo album is building up nicely the creative process itself  I am further into it schedule-wise putting the project together & grateful for both the extended & new recording spots. I appreciate those creatives whom I have worked with on this upcoming project so far for a 2020 release will have updates in the months to come in more detail. #keepitmovingregardless


Duncan Town 2

Peace & Love



Update: June 2019

The last few months up to present has definitely been a period  both challenging and rewarding  its good though when you see some things coming back on a good level and I thank God for such open opportunities on a not so conventional space . New music and 3rd solo project from Barz Noble with a even more intentional approach sonic-wise as a follow-up from S.C.O.A.P. is in the works looking forward for you to hear what is coming out from that in the coming months ahead.

In addition I recently did a non-exclusive deal with Navarr Enterprises Inc. thanks to Mr. Layne, Lisa & their team for the communications & invite to make it happen that will present some original audio selections from Barz Noble both current & future in the catalog on more platforms for in-store & retail music plays which will involve both Direct & Sub- licensing with specific Licensor/Licensee roll-outs that we believe will be beneficial for the parties involved abroad & God-willing to be able to share more in the months to come.


Until Next Time




Update: January 2019

Happy New Year!!! if you haven’t already take a pause & give thanks  to the Father that you made it in the ’19. To start things off checkout the placement first in a series on The Chi-Bangerz Hip-Hop Music Blog of official press releases for 2019 of the “S.C.O.A.P” project as it continues to gain traction steadily in various digital markets overseas.

SCOAP -Changes Can Be Made

As an Independent Creative in the Bahamas I will continue to do my own thing in the quiet not to be pigeon-holed by cliques or circles or mindsets of those that divide in their religious pride  I encourage anyone who may read this that in 2019 be both creative and intentional as ever in your God-given platform whether you in or you under the radar still doing your 9 to 5 but do it in good taste  more importantly draw closer to God this year we need Him more than ever. Lookout for new visuals coming soon! QUALITY over QUANTITY .



Update:December 2018



Barz Noble - SCOAP (SOUL CHAPTERS OF A POETIC) Album Review-1

Closing out the year short & sweet be on the lookout for some cool stuff both musically and visually treatment wise from Barz Noble to jump on in the early as 2019. I’m grateful for the good feedback and returns for the new project S.C.O.A.P.  from overseas on multiple digital platforms with more of a planning and preparation mode behind the scenes during these remaining month at the end of 2018. LIVE IT & LOVE IT find your own lane it doesn’t have to be popular among your own people I have learnt that it will come and go but others will get it even if its outside of your familiar place or space. To sum up make your art take on a new leaf  and discern those open doors for you to elevate in order to reap the beneficial returns it is a process its not going to just fall in your lap. Until next time be encouraged and may God Bless you as you move forward at the closing of this year 2018 .

Keep It Moving Regardless!