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Update:December 2018



Barz Noble - SCOAP (SOUL CHAPTERS OF A POETIC) Album Review-1

Closing out the year short & sweet be on the lookout for some cool stuff both musically and visually treatment wise from Barz Noble to jump on in the early as 2019. I’m grateful for the good feedback and returns for the new project S.C.O.A.P.  from overseas on multiple digital platforms with more of a planning and preparation mode behind the scenes during these remaining month at the end of 2018. LIVE IT & LOVE IT find your own lane it doesn’t have to be popular among your own people I have learnt that it will come and go but others will get it even if its outside of your familiar place or space. To sum up make your art take on a new leaf  and discern those open doors for you to elevate in order to reap the beneficial returns it is a process its not going to just fall in your lap. Until next time be encouraged and may God Bless you as you move forward at the closing of this year 2018 .

Keep It Moving Regardless!



Update:November 2018






Update: September/October 2018








Update: August 2018

Thanking God for another year during my birthday month of August 2018, grateful for  the present & the future blessings I count them all whether tangibly & intangibly my current motto “NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR WORTH  EVEN WHEN OTHERS SAY NO TO YOUR WORK ”  grasp on this and apply it wherever it can apply in a needed area in your life be encouraged know when God closes a door & when He opens others in the DUE SEASON it could be people or situations but whatever above it all honor the beauty of life’s treasure.

SCOAP -Changes Can Be Made.jpg

The album S.C.O.A.P. (Soul Chapters Of A Poetic) is finally here first to be released digitally on Spotify (that will cover 65 countries to start off with via that platform) iTunes, Amazon,Tidal, Deezer & Google Play just a few right now. The sophomore album S.C.O.A.P. represents where I’m at right now as far as taste-wise musically & heading more on a particular lane with solo efforts on upcoming future projects. S.C.O.A.P. features lead production by multi-instrumentalist Hashuan Adderley with co-production,engineering & mixing alike by Zoltan Johnson & Todd Marshall respectively on selected tracks. In addition, S.C.O.A.P. also features fellow emcees McK & Philocypha the Songtress Ebony Muzick with  vocalists Natino & Sketch who also handled some engineering duties on several cuts on this project album mastered by Mike Fuller at FullerSound studios.

The conversations I was blessed to have music-wise during these past months lead to a few inked licensing deals accommodating more on the mechanical concerning the digital scene direction-wise I am truly navigating with a small but selective circle including some publishing heads & music aficionados abroad which has been both a fruitful & a learning experience in a good and humble way an example to me that”ONE PERSONS TRASH IS ANOTHER MAN’S TREASURE” with this S.C.O.A.P. LP its not about the numbers  but its about who is behind those numbers I truly hope you enjoy the album will go in with more details and updates until next time .




Update: June 2018

In this month of June  in particular in my Bahama land  we celebrate on the 1st  our Labor Day holiday I’m reminded of the saying “LET YOUR LABOR NOT BE IN VAIN” a word to the wise even if its behind the scenes let your consistently when nobody else is looking should always match up even if things don’t go as planned when others might of been involved in the past but no more due to different direction vision-wise you should never forsake the Foundation or the basis of it all its in GOD alone without Him we are nothing some food for thought and spirit.

Now about the music I’m glad to announce as it is now official but couldn’t confirm earlier as I didn’t get the green light due to the months in the selection process from a pool of artist groupings that the single from my upcoming sophomore album “Call Of Duty” was selected effectively retroactive from November 2017. I have secured an International sync licensing deal with the K-Digital conglomerate based out of Korea with one of my licensing partners. In detail what I can disclose is that this deal covers territories on  platforms in South Korea,Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and a few more areas. I’m grateful for yet another opportunity as an artist with my focus more driven direction-wise on this platform and reach to be heard and still benefit by the streams even if  support does not come by direct purchases/ downloads or physical copies sold of the music. If you have done for me in the past I thank YOU! & if YOU have not I still thank YOU! Until more related news & more on the solo follow-up to the “Symphonic Signatures” LP in the weeks to come.




Update: March 2018

The pass months up to present has definitely been a period of transition both challenging and rewarding a bulk of it professionally its good though when you see some things coming back to balance and I thank God for the open opportunities on the related field. As the before mentioned not to dwell too much on that on the music side of things I’ve linked back with a good friend of mine who will oversee the mixes and make sure that the overall sound of the follow up album to “Symphonic Signatures” is in tact to the vision for the sophomore project. The project itself will feature a bulk production-wise by Hashaun Adderley (CHECKOUT his new release at link ) along with a variety of other producers both locally & abroad that I have recorded music with should be an interesting mix sonic-wise and will announce in the coming months ahead along with the visuals with my media affiliates RSF media.


On the licensing side/platform for a few of my songs I have secured a deal with Getty Images Music division it was like well over a year in the making before their official invite. Also on the licensing note  just recently besides the Lagos,Africa deal I made it to the shortlist for final selection from a media company in Japan for “Call Of Duty” respectively just grateful for the overseas opportunities even though all of my submissions did not make the cut on some cases yet never the least getting your music out there the exposure across the waters is PRICELESS!!!  Lastly you got to CHECKOUT the brethren  Da’Philocypha & Todd Marshall of the EmpowerMedia/Camp 5  lookout for Philocypha’s solo projects & what they about to produce together in the 2018 #supportyourown




Update: December 2017

Happy Holidays to all do enjoy the wonderful festivities, family time but always keep in your heart that Christmas is about the CHRIST and the purpose in which He came for us all so live from today onward in God’s love!

In the past month due to some current yet important personal committments some adjustments as well as some tweakings here & there have been & are being made concerning the collaboration project with Da’ Philocypha in joint venture under EmpowermediA productions with Todd Marshall & few guest producers/artist alike who contributed to this body of work. We are making preparations to ensure that supporters present & future will have something from this collective in 2018 with quality offerings sonic-wise for your ears & hearts to feed also we are getting into some media placements but will indulge into that more in 2018. On the solo tip with Barz Noble getting back on my grounding I will be heading back in the studio in the early 2018 to put some finishing touches on my follow-up to the “Symphonic Signatures.” In addition checkout the pic of my award for Best Rap/Hip-Hop Music Video recently sent from the Akademia media group in Los Angeles of  the single “Rainset” tten directed by Regal Shine Filmz (Bahamas) from my upcoming sophomore project. I’m both honoured & appreciative of the recognition overseas ‘in the not what some may expect markets’ & locally to some extent despite some naysayers I thank God for them also! Until next year God willing STAY TUNED


Akademia Award Rainset (Video)