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Update: March 2018

March 5, 2018

The pass months up to present has definitely been a period of transition both challenging and rewarding a bulk of it professionally its good though when you see some things coming back to balance and I thank God for the open opportunities on the related field. As the before mentioned not to dwell too much on that on the music side of things I’ve linked back with a good friend of mine who will oversee the mixes and make sure that the overall sound of the follow up album to “Symphonic Signatures” is in tact to the vision for the sophomore project. The project itself will feature a bulk production-wise by Hashaun Adderley (CHECKOUT his new release at link ) along with a variety of other producers both locally & abroad that I have recorded music with should be an interesting mix sonic-wise and will announce in the coming months ahead along with the visuals with my media affiliates RSF media.


On the licensing side/platform for a few of my songs I have secured a deal with Getty Images Music division it was like well over a year in the making before their official invite. Also on the licensing note  just recently besides the Lagos,Africa deal I made it to the shortlist for final selection from a media company in Japan for “Call Of Duty” respectively just grateful for the overseas opportunities even though all of my submissions did not make the cut on some cases yet never the least getting your music out there the exposure across the waters is PRICELESS!!!  Lastly you got to CHECKOUT the brethren  Da’Philocypha & Todd Marshall of the EmpowerMedia/Camp 5  lookout for Philocypha’s solo projects & what they about to produce together in the 2018 #supportyourown





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