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Post -Hurricane Matthew in October up to the first two weeks of November has been rough as I’m on the road to recovery from the flu and other life changing events so I’m typing this with gladness to be back in the land of the living LOL. First up the upcoming mixtape with the brother Philocypha from Category5 and T.Marshall from EmpowerMedia is coming on nicely hitting the studio and getting it done as this will serve as a jump-off to the official Philocypha and Barz Noble collective project will announce more on that in the months to come but trust me its getting done. In the meantime the sophomore Barz Noble project featuring production by Hashaun Adderley will be pushed back until March 2017 as some other confirmations has to be processed creatively concerning that project but once again its getting done so until next time STAY TUNED!


Update:October 2016

CALL OF DUTY (VIDEO) mutiple awards from 1 of the top 100 best reviewed festivals in the USA C.F.F. Stay tune for more updates and pending news in the months to come.  #Godbetheglory#knowyourworth #keepitmovingregardless




Update:September 2016

Creation Official BARZ NOBLE - CALL OF DUTY VIDEOShout out for the several confirmations of Official Selections for Creation International Film Festival and Christian Film Festivals respectively for the CALL OF DUTY (VIDEO)



CFF 2016 Official Selection Laurels Black Letters-Crisp new.png


As this month of August is not only my birthday month but here is the latest video “Rain Set” directed by Regal Shine Filmz just keeping busy in the effort to build with the visuals catalog-wise and also to give you an audio glimpse of whats in store for the upcoming  2nd solo project to be released November 2016. For more news and updates until next month STAY TUNED




Whats good its been a minute since the last post or update despite some major changes and pending matters concerning side projects but the Barz Noble brand is getting ready for the summer. We just wrapped up three days of shooting with media partners Regal Shine Filmz for an upcoming video of my first official single “Call Of Duty” from my  2nd solo project scheduled to release fall 2016. More updates to come from summer to fall until then I SALUTE!



Update :March 2016

Its amazing how time flies since my last update which has been more than a minute be on the lookout for a series of visuals/videos which I’m presently in discussions with a local conglamorate which the 1st will be the lead off single to be announced soon from the collaboration album entitled “Sheep In Wolves Clothing” with fellow emcee Philocypha and discussions for other visual treatments for music from my upcoming solo SCP Volume One. A lot of behind the scenes music-wise I’m cooking up in the kitchen for this year solo and collaboration wise with a mixtape formulation and publication opportunities on deck I promise to update as soon as a number of these initiatives are finalized and launched.STAY TUNED!

Much Love